What Does Hyundai Mean?

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Hyundai company logo illuminated at night

You may have noticed that there are a number of Hyundai vehicles on Cartersville roads, and maybe you are even wondering what the brand name “Hyundai” means in Korean. Learn about the significance of the Hyundai logo and get all your questions answered at Riverside Hyundai, then contact us to know more!

What is the Meaning of “Hyundai” in English?

“Hyundai” derives from a Korean word and when translated in English it means “modernity”. This was chosen while it was still under the original founding of the Hyundai construction company (now Hyundai Heavy) in 1947. Currently, the Hyundai Motor Company’s slogan “New Thinking, New Possibilities” was chose to align with the overall company mission and name.

How Do You Pronounce “Hyundai?”

Most commonly you probably have dropped the brand name in English, within the United States. If this is the case, most people pronounce Hyundai so it rhymes with Sunday, and it wouldn’t be considered wrong–no one is expected to sound like a native Korean speaker or have an accent of any sort. Do not be alarmed if you hear it pronounced “high-UN-dye” as that is how British people in commercials pronounce it across the pond.

What Does the Hyundai Logo Mean?

At a first glance, the modern silver logo clearly resembles a slanted letter “H”. The fact that the logo is leaning to the right tends to suggest active motion as opposed to a passive learning to the left, which aligns with the idea of modernity. There are a few additional hidden meanings to the logo which include:

  • The logo is supposed to look like the silhouette of two people shaking hands.
  • This represents the Hyundai commitment to customer satisfaction and teamwork.
  • It also invokes the classic image of a salesperson and a shopper striking a deal.
  • The silver oval encircling the hand-shakers may symbolize the global expansion of the car brand

Come to Riverside Hyundai for Your Automotive Questions

Whether you have more questions about Hyundai history, Hyundai technology, or general automotive tips such as checking your tire tread, we are happy to help at Riverside Hyundai. We are committed to customer satisfaction from Cedartown to Rockmart and beyond, all while embodying the meaning of the Hyundai name and logo.

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